Consulting Services 

Parks professionals are well-versed in the art of creating and growing a company, having assisted businesses in a number of different industries and from all walks of life. Our consulting services offer creative insights and effective strategy for achieving financial goals.​​

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Strategic Business Planning​​​​

Executive Consulting

​Entity Formation

Retirement Planning

Forensic Accounting​​

​Trust & Estate Services

Strategic Business Planning
Successful businesses function with a clear direction and realistic plan of action. Parks CPA creates customized blueprints for our clients specifying profitability, cash flow, employee headcount, and other crucial factors to achieving success in a thriving economic marketplace. Our strategic planning process leverages best practices through documented processes to take your company to the next level.  We accelerate solution implementation through project management, human resources consulting, and technology. We work for your success. 
Executive Consulting  
Leadership is the driving force for success. Many business owners have successful companies due to hard work and commitment.  Leadership is a continuous-improvement process.  The extensive business experience at Parks CPA can coach managers and executives on the subtleties of change management, difficult communications and managing authorization of authority with accountability.  In addition, we design customized management dashboard and flash reports to provide immediate and meaningful financial statistics for informed decision making.  These processes drive increased profitability and performance by maintaining a consistent and effective management strategy.
Entity Formation   
When a business is started there are many factors to consider and choice of entity is very important.  Limited Liability Companies (LLC) are very popular but have different rules under state and federal law.  Review of the business industry is also imperative as there is different taxation for rental real estate than for a wholesale business for example.  At Parks CPA, we understand the taxation for various types of entities and the implications of how they are formed.  We will counsel you on the optimal business entity and set it up for you.  We also review all our business clients on a continuous basis watching if their form of entity might need to change given changes in their business or current law. 
Retirement Planning   
Developing a retirement plan is critically important and very personal.  Because retirement planning is not an exact science, you need qualified professionals who can provide insight into transitioning your life to be consistent with your goals and values.  There are options available for business owners to continue working or to sell their business.  As well there are many options for individuals to start a new business or to invest and travel during retirement.  Finally, health care is one of the most significant factors in retirement planning. Parks CPA can help with business valuation services and with cash flow planning to meet the retirement needs of all parties involved.
Forensic Accounting 
Our Parks Associates staff are trained in small business and corporate finance as well as in non-profit accounting, trust accounting, estate fiduciary reporting and tax reporting. Integrity of the data is vital to understanding the truth of a situation or transaction. Forensic accounting involves investigative auditing to recreate lost records and reconcile irregular data.   It also is used to search for and determine reasoning behind possible instances of fraud. Our methodical and detail-oriented processes can assist with even the most complicated situations to reconstruct records to get to the truth. 
Trust & Estate Services
Overseeing the assets of a trust or estate may bring burdensome responsibilities to benefactors.  We provide accounting services for those who prefer that their estate or trust be professionally managed.  This also allows for confidentiality when dealing with minors.  Our trust and estate services include processing disbursements, reconciling and reporting on the assets as well as preparing the tax return. While the trustee maintains the fiduciary responsibility, which is the highest standard of care, our specialized services support the accounting functions.